BRG Group


BRG Collection is a group of items that the group wants to introduce and promote to the world, in order to develop and preserve national cultural identity as well as bring the Vietnamese brand to the international arena.

Appreciating the values of the Vietnamese cultural quintessence, BRG Group has restored Chu Dau ceramic techniques, the quintessential product of the high-class fine art of Vietnamese ceramic with nearly 600 years of history. 

Containing pure Vietnamese cultural and historical values, Chu Dau ceramics have been selected as a national gift by the government and a number of organisations involved in the country’s important diplomatic events.

Cultural values can also be found in AJC's jewelry. This is a high-value brand, with items exquisitely crafted by the hands of leading Vietnamese artisans.

In addition, Hafasco-branded high-quality garments are gaining a foothold in the international market thanks to the world's most modern electronic textile machine system, and nearly 60 years of experience in the fashion business and export of garments in Vietnam.

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