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Mysterious wedding of super-rich held at Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

Mysterious wedding of super-rich held at Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

02 December 2019

“There is no venue greater than Sheraton Grand Danang resort,” expressed Satis Ramnani, Director of Veydaa event, who was sharing his satisfaction after the successful organisation of a spectacular three-day wedding in Da Nang, Vietnam. The wedding, for two super-rich Indian families, required particular security features as all information was kept secret, and with the media barred from attending. 

This wedding was the biggest in Da Nang in terms of guests, with 700 people from India’s high class staying at Sheraton Grand Danang resort, 180 people on hand to serve as the wedding’s event team and F&B team, 45 Indian artists, and the 300 resort staff serving the festivities over the three days. 

With flexible and thoughtful organisation required, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort delivered such a wedding, while demonstrating that Da Nang and Vietnam as a whole are capable when pleasing any guest in the world.

The three-day wedding consisted of a total of 10 main and sub parties. Parties were created with impressive ideas and unique decoration, with Vietnamese style influencing throughout the event. 

The first night was the Sangeet: Royal Rhapsody wedding party, offered in a royal style and inspired by the noble "Beautiful period" Belle Époque, with aristocratic and luxurious costumes at the largest banquet hall in Vietnam.

For night number two, the organiser cleverly brought Vietnamese culture into the event with conical hats, bamboo, and lanterns ornately decorated by the 250m-long infinity pool. The main space for the wedding ceremony created admiration for the participants with its Vietnamese culture and style. Surprise came where the couple exchanged wreaths designed on the water facing the couple toward the blue sea, with the arch gracefully shaped from bamboo in the shape of the Vietnamese lotus.

For the final day, an afternoon party was held on the beach, on the beautiful sands of Sheraton Grand Danang Resort. The guests then joined the sumptuous dinner party, themed on Oscar night, at the Sheraton Grand Ballroom, ending the festivities in a way that left a deep impression on the guests.


According to director Ramnani, the choice of Sheraton Grand Danang Resort for the wedding venue was a "miracle" for the organiser, with it described as better than all other high-end resorts surveyed in the same city.

“We went to Sheraton Grand Danang Resort for the first time in the late evening, and I was really overwhelmed by the sparkling lights of the resort at night. When I returned the next morning, working directly with the management team, the friendliness and skills of the hotel staff really impressed me. After the success of this event, I will definitely organise many more luxurious weddings at this wonderful resort,” Ramnani explained.

The event once again confirmed the position and quality of the resort, which continues to break records. Sheraton Grand Danang Resort is the first resort in Southeast Asia with the Sheraton Grand brand, and the luxury resort was built in record time by owners BRG Group. Immediately after opening, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort has continuously hosted major diplomatic events in the country, such as the gala dinner for the APEC Summit to welcome 21 heads of the most powerful countries, and it also hosted the 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Summit.

Continuing to be selected as the venue for international luxury wedding events, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort is firmly marked on the destination map for Vietnamese resort tourism. Frank Bochmann, General Manager of Sheraton Grand Danang Resort said, “We are honoured to be the venue for the wedding of Indian billionaires. With the efforts and dedication of the entire hotel staff over the past six months, we hope to take the wedding and event experience to a new level. At the same time, we also want to bring more inspiration and sacred moments for distinguished guests, especially the happy couples, in order to experience the service here.”

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